Vest Loans

About us

At Vest Loans, we are all about giving UK citizens a second chance, a shot at redeeming their already tattered credit score and ultimately, the perfect opportunity to enjoy loan facilities without worrying on end about their credit score status. We have been in the industry for over 10 years now and can say without any fear of contradiction that we have changed the lives of thousands of UK citizens who initially found it difficult to avail any kind of loan facility. We not only lead by example but also endeavour to educate and guide our valued customers through the process of applying for a logbook loan.

We believe in openness, going beyond the call of duty and doing everything humanly possible to assist as many bad credit individuals as possible to avail a loan. We started Vest Loans as a solution to an existing problem in our society. We were growing weary of the increasing number of UK citizens who were routinely getting declined for a loan simply because their credit rating was not attractive. We believed back then as we believe now, that a person’s financial history should not be detrimental to their ability to avail a loan. We continue to espouse the principles of continuous improvement and impacting positive change in the lives of bad credit individuals.

No one needs to be side-lined or declined a loan application simply because they missed a couple of payments in the past. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance and this explains why our logbook loans have been designed with the interests of our customers in mind. We endeavour to approve as many logbook loan applications as possible and by so doing help our customers gradually improve their credit score status.