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Do you find yourself increasingly restless because availing a loan facility is an uphill task as a result of your credit rating? Have you been looking forward to the day when your loan application will be approved without your credit score status being a hindrance? Are you looking for a loan facility that will provide you with the perfect platform to gradually improve your credit score status? Well, if you have, take a deep breath and relax as Vest Loans has got you covered. A well-known name in the UK logbook industry, we continue to scale the ladders and break new grounds in our efforts to provide affordable logbook loans to UK citizens the status of their credit score notwithstanding.

From the very first time we started operations a couple of years ago, we have remained true to our vocation and have done everything in our power to ensure that we exceed expectations of our customers. We understand how depressing it can be to be denied a loan simply because you had financial challenges in the past. We understand how difficult it is to carry the burden of a poor credit score because of financial circumstances that were beyond you. For this reason, we treat all our customers equally and accord them equal opportunities. As Vest Loans, our core aim is to assist as many people as possible avail a logbook loan despite their poor credit rating.

Well, if you have never taken out a logbook loan, chances are that you are asking what it is exactly. In simple terms, a logbook loan is a secured type of loan synonymous with bad credit individuals because of the fact that it does not place emphasis on credit checks. It’s a special type of loan that is available to individuals who own a car registered in their own name. In other words, you cannot be considered for a logbook loan if you provide as security a car that belongs to your fiancée, a friend, a work colleague or even a family member.

While you do not lose ownership of your car, it is imperative to note that once you apply for a logbook loan with us, you temporarily sign over the ownership of the car to us for the duration of the loan. While this might send jitters to a couple of people, please understand that this is just a security measure on our part. It’s a fallback plan in case you refuse to repay your loan as initially agreed. The good news is that you can continue using your car to generate income as you make repayments for your loan.

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We understand that there are many UK logbook loan lenders in the market that it might at times become difficult making the right decision in who to choose. In light of this, why we should we at Vest Loans be your UK logbook loan lender of choice?

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